Rules of User's Rating Calculation

  • To participate in the rating you are to be registered on the website.
  • The contest takes place from 01.12.2019 up to 01.03.2020 including.
  • All saved predictions automatically participate in the contest.
  • The participant can make a prediction only before the start of a match.
  • The participant can make only one prediction for each match.
  • Each participant can reset his/her balance to zero only once between 15.12.2019 and 16.02.2020.
  • Bets can be done at the following events: "Team 1 Win", "Team 1 Win or Draw", "Draw", "Team 2 Win", "Team 2 Win or Draw".
  • Betting odds are regularly updated in accordance with quotations and may vary at different time intervals. In the course of saving the prediction, the most recently downloaded odds is taken and saved along with the prediction. Then this very odds will be used in the balance calculation. If the betting odds are not loaded in the system at the moment of saving the prediction, they will be determined automatically (as long as they are loaded).

The procedure of scoring

In the course of saving the prediction, the bet is made in the sum of 10 currency units. In case of successful prediction, the user's balance is refilled with a sum corresponding to the profit at the bookmaker' excluding the sum of the bet (10 x betting odds - 10). If the prediction does not come true, then the sum of the bet is taken from the user's balance (-10).

Save the event prediction: "Team 1 Win". Betting odds for the Team 1 Win is 2.5.
If Team 1 wins, then your balance will be refilled with 10 c. u. x 2.5 – 10 c. u. = 15 currency units.
If Team 1 does not win, 10 c.u. are taken away from your balance.


The authorities reserve the right to solve disputes.